October 13th, 2012


Какие страны запретили культивирование ГМО?

Всего этих стран 61, из них очень много в европе, да пожалуй и в Азии тоже, и еще Австралия с Новой зеландией. 
Нужно заметить, что запрет во многих из этих странах произошёл не сразу (1), а после многочисленных проблем вызванных выращиванием ГМ культур, поэтому запрещение ГМО в этих странах не гарантирует их отсутствие как следствие генетических загрязнений. Вот тут не совсем обновленная карта, но общее настроение передает:

gmo banned
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What the hell is a GMO??????

It's amazing how many people don't know. It's our job to spread the information!

Genetically modified organism, a poison that was created to kill bugs when they eat food crops from the inside out, humans ingenst this poison causing a number of diseases to us. MONSANTO would love to keep this a secret as they make millions of dollars, many want this poison labeled on our food, but Monsanto refuses as they will lose money, there is a list Ive found on f/b that tells you wich companies uses this chemical, I just keep it in my purse when shopping.

There are a lot of people that aren't aware of the definition, before I became more aware of my health and what I ate, I was one of them.

The other problem that I forgot to mention, I guess because it scares me so much, is that the "Termination Gene" is one of the most dominant genes they introduce, so it carries almost 100% of the time. Cross pollination can occur over great distances to non-GMO crops, which means the Non-GMO crop will produce seed now carrying the terminator gene. Many homesteaders and Preppers now stockpile Non-GMO seeds and create seed banks. Some are even hand pollinating their plants.

So sad, I try to educated friends, family about GMO's. They roll their eyes because I seem to be the only person who knows, or wants to be educated about what is in our foods, whether its trans fats, artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup-----all the things that our government allows in our foods. Many people dont know about these things. Or else, they just dont care, or are in denial. It drves me crazy when I get those rolling eyes when I just want to share knowledge and educate the people that I love and care about. 
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